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    Free webinar on Monday, July 25th at 2pm EDT with marketing expert Amelia DeField from Small Town and Rural.

    • Are you spending hours on social media, drumming up more sales for your homestead?
    • Is your homestead website not getting you enough sales?
    • Are you getting bombarded with calls, messages, emails and text messages about your address, hours, whether you
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    Sometimes I act like a meat chicken!

    Ever raised meat chickens?  Not regular egg laying chickens, but meat chickens.  The Cornish – cross kinds that are bred to eat a lot and put on weight quickly?

    I’ve raised hundreds of meat chickens and I butchered them myself for my own freezer... Read more

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    Personal Blog

    It happened slowly….

    The emotions….the anger….the intensity…..the anger….. the heartache…..the anger….the memories….the anger…..

    The words, derogatory, hateful and cutting, began swirling through my mind….louder, bigger, angrier…..


    I was going through my photos,... Read more

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    A Workbook for Setting Goals That Make Sense

    Running a homestead can be overwhelming!  And if you're like I was, exuberant about my homestead and excited about every new prospect, I kept adding animals and projects and growing more plants and trees and pretty soon, my homestead was totally out of control and consumed my life and my family'... Read more

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    Business Blog

    Cute play on words, right?  But wait, when it comes to starting your very own business, how would you answer?   Do you have those occasional quiet moments, idly dreaming about your business idea and thinking how cool it would be to have your very own business and be your own boss?  But then a... Read more