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    Don’t forget the email list!

    When I began my jump in to Agritourism and Agri-education, FB had just come on the scene.  Old school email lists still trumped and you know what?  They still trump as a reliable tool today, 13 years later.

    Social Media is great and certainly has its... Read more

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    Four Rules Everyone Must Follow

    I quickly learned, after inviting guests to tour my homestead, I needed to set up some easy “rules” for everyone, no matter their age.  I wanted the experience of visiting my homestead to be a pleasant one for everyone, including my animals and me!  It was up to me to set the expectations for my... Read more

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    Personal Blog

    The other day I was listening to a motivational speaker talk about goals and dreams for 2022.  I was half listening while I was doing some other desk work.  And then I heard it… “do your goals and dreams scare you?”

    I’ve heard this before.  Are you dreaming big enough?  Are you stepping... Read more

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    Living Life Intentionally

    Years ago, like 28 years ago, my days were a blur filled with diaper changes, small faces to feed, naps, interrupted sleep and all the nuances that accompany children 6 and under.  And when my eldest was 6, there were 3 more…4, 2 and a newborn. 

    I distinctly... Read more

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    Business Blog

    Which scenario sets you up for a successful day….

    Warm sunlight filters through the bedroom window and gently warms your sleepy face as your eyes willingly open after a great night’s sleep.  Then your brain kicks in….No, it is not Saturday, it’s Thursday!  And what is all that commotion... Read more