It's Time...


The mist hangs low over the mountain. The darkness before dawn lingers. The slant of the rising sun casts longer shadows. There is a noticeable scent of change in the mountain air. The chill mornings give way to warm afternoons and back to rapidly cooling evenings.

It’s time….

The thrill and excited pace of the summer months are retreating. The anticipated brilliant yellows of Aspen leaves will soon be illuminated , dotting the mountain sides. The beautifully varied colors of alpine flowers have faded, seeds scattered signifying hope for another Rocky Mountain Spring. As summer quietly succumbs to the unfolding of another season, I am reminded, it is time….

I arrived in Montana, May 10, 2020, Mother’s Day, at the beginning of the pandemic. I was emotionally hurting, physically spent, and spiritually clinging to the hand of my Savior – obediently following, pleading for the strength to face another day. Abandonment, rejection, and betrayal strangled my heart and blotted out my purpose in life. I was broken, beaten down, and lost.

For the last 3 and a half years, I have found incomprehensible healing in these mountains. The quiet solitude of the wilderness gave strength to my weary soul.

The vastly scattered stars in a depth of darkness, gave the much welcomed hope of a new dawn. The hush of falling snow gave the needed silence for introspection. My time in these majestic mountains gave strength to my soul; the rushing waters of rivers, a renewed sense of purpose. My love of life and adventure has been reignited, my love of nature and curiosity of the wonder of creation, spurred to new heights.

But now it’s time. Time for a new chapter, new dreams, new adventures!

And I’m ready.

Montana and my time here at the Ranch will always hold a very dear place in my heart. To understand and experience the rise from devastation to the pinnacle of healing, an incredible gift I will cherish to my dying days. I have been given a renewed life and sense of purpose; a knowledge of who I am and what I am created for.

I have come face to face with my own faults and shortcomings – and have forgiven myself. I have pursued and endured the painful work of healing. I have forgiven those who tried to destroy me.

There is now a depth of joy and contentment, an excitement for my tomorrows. And best of all, a peaceful rest knowing I am held and protected by my Savior who will never leave me, ever! He loves me fiercely and knows the most intimate details of my life. He is my comfort and strength, my guide and solace.

At the end of October, I will say goodbye to Montana, eternally grateful for all I have learned during my time here. A new season will unfold – one filled with family, grandchildren and a single home, no longer divided between east and west.

Although my beautiful homestead in GA was part of the devastation, the dream of living a homestead lifestyle is not! I will be embarking on a new journey and I’m beyond excited to start! My days will be filled with memory making as Nana, snuggles with new grandbabies, exploring life’s wonders with little ones. There will be adventures and travel, meeting new people, sharing stories of inspiration and living my purpose.

It’s time…. and I’m ready.