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A Workbook for Setting Goals That Make Sense


Running a homestead can be overwhelming!  And if you're like I was, exuberant about my homestead and excited about every new prospect, I kept adding animals and projects and growing more plants and trees and pretty soon, my homestead was totally out of control and consumed my life and my family's life.

Instead of the dreamy wonder-filled, efficiently beautiful homestead in my head, it was a cluttered, confusion of chaos.

That's when I came up with the Circle System and revamped and reconstructed my homestead plan.  It took some time but eventually my beautifully efficient homestead in my dreams became a reality.

And all those questions I asked myself when creating my homestead plan?  They became a guide book for helping others simplify and achieve their homestead dreams.

Want a homestead that's inviting and efficient, and uses your talents and passions effectively?  Then purchasing Simplify Your Homestead Plan is a must first step in reaching your goals!

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  • Can a couple of circles make you a more successful homesteader? They can if they’re the overlapping circles recommended by Homestead expert Cyndi Ball.

    Cyndi’s book Simplify Your Homestead Plan offers a clear, organized way to plan your homestead from the beginning. There are prompts for self-reflection, reality checks and goal planning. This workbook can save you from pursuing too many paths at one time and can help you create a more sustainable strategy for starting and growing your homestead dreams.

    This book is not just for beginner homesteaders. After years of raising chickens and sheep and growing a garden (or two or three), I am using her worksheets to reevaluate our farm. How can I become more efficient? Are my projects aligned with my goals? Is it time to prune an activity?

    Cyndi’s personal experience, educational focus, and observations of other homesteads come together in a helpful resource. I highly recommend Simplify Your Homestead Plan.

    Beth Warner
    Sheepcote Farm