Balong Strong says...

"Simplify Your Homestead Plan" is a fantastic resource for newbie or seasoned homesteaders.  Cyndi is relatable and well spoken in her writing, breaking things down into little pieces that are easy to apply. Finding or evaluating your "Why" for the homesteading lifestyle; incorporating family and children into the daily routine; evaluating your strengths and weaknesses; funding the homesteading lifestyle; finding community and becoming a life-long learner are just some of the topics covered in her book.  There are numerous worksheets to help you evaluate what is best for you and your homestead.  Cyndi also discusses how to apply what you learn to create a plan and a timeline that works for you. 

My favorite part of Simplify Your Homestead Plan is Cyndi's Sustainable Circle System.  The System helps you build your homestead from a single starting point, something you're already comfortable with, to becoming an expert in that single area of interest.  She gives you tools to help you keep your focus manageable and to grow in skill and confidence little by little, season by season.  

I would highly recommend this book!

Balong Strong, Owner
Billabay Farms

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