2022: Journey of Health

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Journeys…       by this age (60) I’ve had quite a few.  Some are long, some are short.  Some are enjoyable and some not so much.

I am so grateful to be looking back on a “not so much” journey that began in 2018.

May – my 24 year "career" as a homeschooling mom was over with my youngest’s high school graduation.

November – I became and empty nester after 30 years of children’s voices filling our home.

December – my life was turned upside down when my husband of 33 years walked out the front door never to return.

2019 – a year of fear, unknowns, instability, panic attacks, secrets revealed, emotional upheaval and stress, lots of stress!

2020 – a requested divorce from my husband, the heart agonizing loss of my home, my farm, and my homestead business.  A major move to Montana, May 1, dragging along all the emotional and physical baggage from years of marital disharmony.

2020- 2021 – soul searching, gut wrenching work on myself and who I am.  Asking the hard questions, shoving fears aside and wrestling with lies told to me about who I am.  Mostly, grasping tightly to the robes of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  He held me, comforted me, sustained me, gave answers and loved me unconditionally through all of the messy journey.

And here I am!!!  Oh, and please don’t think for one second I have arrived…there is still much work to be done.  But I am at peace and content.  I have found the girl I lost 30 some years ago and I like her!

Yep – it’s been a journey for sure!!!

       2022     ….a new journey of health.

Starting over means starting with a baseline for my physical well-being.  If I look to my parents, who are both very healthy and active in their 80’s, I’m guessing I have quite a few years left to cause trouble :-) I want to be in the best shape ever as I write the end of my life’s story.

Since January of 2022, I’ve seen my new doctor ( and she’s fantastic!), had my blood pressure medication cut in half, had an EKG (I have PVC of the heart), blood drawn, urinalysis, and a mammogram.  Next up this month – an appointment with a urologist….how to correct the effects of carrying 6 children full term ;-)

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get in for a colonoscopy till the fall (oh darn!!!).

I’ll also see a dermatologist in Nov – her first open slot….for real!

For the tests I’ve gotten back – everything is great!!!

Trauma takes a big toll, not just on your emotional/mental health, but also on your physical health.  Thankful for health insurance so I can now take care of myself.

I’ve been making changes since the last week of December and I like seeing the results.  I had no sugar for 45 days. That alone curbed my “need” for something sweet. Cut back on caffeine – two cups of black tea to one.  Caffeine affects the PVC, coffee caffeine is the worst! I’ve been walking 1.5-3miles 6 days a week.  Trying to get more sleep – emphasis on TRYING!

I’ve always taken my health for granted and man, it’s a lot of work trying to stay focused on making the right changes and being consistent.  Consistency – that’s the hardest by far.

But I’m doing it!  I have goals, bucket list wishes, and reasons to put my health in a higher position on my list of priorities.

Wanna know what I gave myself for my 60th birthday??

 I am so excited about this opportunity because I’ve wanted to do this since I was in high school….

I’m going to get my scuba diving certification!

 Medical release already signed by my Dr., registering for online courses this next week,  dives in the pool this fall, and then off to somewhere warm and sunny with beautiful beaches and lots and lots of coral reefs.

Sometimes I don’t get to choose the journeys life gives me but when I do, you can be sure it’s going to be an adventure worth sacrificing for, taking me to places I want to go, healing and filling my soul with joy and contentment and lots and lots of gratitude!