National Ladies Homestead Gathering

Cyndi Ball

I must admit, every time I type in the address for our website, my heart smiles a very BIG smile!

I can’t believe it's been 11 years ago, I posted on our Lazy B Farm Facebook page an invitation to all women interested in homesteading. And in January 2011, over 20 women gathered at my farmhouse for our first Gathering.

There was an instant connection. Electricity filled the room as we began to share our dreams and longings for a sustainable life.  We met again the next month, and the next... 

New faces appeared, and our knowledge expanded, our community grew, and our friendships deepened.

The loneliness I felt prior to meeting these women vanished! I now spent my time with like-minded women and had fulfilled my desire for community with other women.

If what I have shared with you here tugs at your heart, then come along and join us. We are all on a journey. A homesteading journey made far more pleasant when supportive friends walk alongside us. Come on, grab a hand and let’s go!

How do I define a homesteader?  Doing at HOME inSTEAD of going to the store.

If that sounds like you, then you’ve found the right community!

We welcome you with a big basket of knowledge, community, and friendship,