Cyndi Ball


Comfort Zone Eviction

from CoZE to Courageous

My Mission

Thirty-three years of marriage, raising 6 children, homeschooling, 30 years of homesteading, growing a successful educational homestead business...My Comfort Zone Eviction was handed to me in March of 2020. And after four years, I have learned what it takes to go from CoZE to Courageous!
I want to share with you the tools needed for overcoming your greatest fears.

A little about me:

I love all things “homestead.” I’m an animal hugger and baby snuggler; rock collector and “I’ll try anything once” food taster; hands in the dirt and learning new skills adventurer. I believe fear is an opportunity. I believe in exponential explosion within community. And I believe everyone has the ability to push past their fears to the next great success or adventure.

I’ve traveled through 49 states and lived in 9. I’m a retired homeschool mom to 6 amazing kids and have proudly earned the title, Nana.

I’m currently a Pennsylvania resident but I spend most of my time living out of my converted Ford Focus with my dog, Piper..

Teaching is my passion, learning my obsession. I am a self-proclaimed podcast junky. And I’m crazy about watching others push past their fears to achieve their homestead dreams!


My History

Before the Internet was a thing, I began my homesteading journey, books my major resource for learning. 

In 2008, the beginning of the recession, my husband told me he could no longer support my hobby and I needed to figure out how to make the homestead pay for itself.

In 2009, I held my first educational class, teaching a Chickens 101 class.  Over the years, with an ever-growing following of farm guests who wanted to learn "how to" do this or that, I realized teaching my homestead knowledge has been the most profitable endeavor for making money.

2019, before covid,  I paid for a family reunion at Myrtle Beach in SC, cash for a 2013 Ford Focus,  all the processing fees for freezers full of beef, pork, and chicken, Christmas gifts AND I had $10,000 in my savings account!

"Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish, and he will eat for the rest of his days."

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Teach what you know and increase your homestead profit-ability!