One Day or Day One?

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Cute play on words, right?  But wait, when it comes to starting your very own business, how would you answer?   Do you have those occasional quiet moments, idly dreaming about your business idea and thinking how cool it would be to have your very own business and be your own boss?  But then a child grabs your hand or yells for mom; your boss walks by and you quickly shake your head and focus on the task at hand; or the demands of life are louder than your actual dreams.

As much as you’d like to say "Day One!!", you just can’t figure out how this will all work, you don’t have all the answers, the schedules not in place…. Shoot!  You don’t even have a desk where you can manifest your business dreams!!!

Deep breath…..

It’s one baby step at a time and the first step is a decision.  A decision to actually take a tiny action toward starting a business.

What is that very first action step?

... answering the question.

Will you start your business one day or will today be day one of starting your very own business?  What’s your answer?

If you made your first baby step and answered, “today is DAY ONE!” then Congratulations!!!!!  Come on and join the community where life is happening intentionally!  We’re all rowing the same boat. And the beauty of this boat ride?  All of our oars will be beautifully and uniquely different J

If you answered, one day I’ll get there. My Day One is just not today.  As much as I want it to be, it just can’t be…

 I get it.  I’ve been there.

 I’ve walked that road and it can be very lonely. 

While you’re traveling this particular life journey, take my hand and walk with me.  You can be the observer, the dreamer, the question-asker and there is no pressure for anything more than that while you navigate your path.  You see, what I really want for you is to know you are accepted in a community where no idea is too crazy, no life burden is too heavy.  Your time will come!

Ok!  Let’s go!

First Day Instructions – and they’re super easy!

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Have any “wanna-be” entrepreneurial friends?  Be sure to let them know about this new inspirational community and invite them to come along J

Welcome to DAY ONE!!!!  You’re awesome and you had a very successful first day toward seeing your business dreams come true!