Homestead Profit-Ability

Cyndi Ball

Teach what you know & increase your homestead profit-ability!


I believe with all my heart, you CAN make a profit with your homestead.  Your greatest asset and product? 

Your knowledge.  

You earned it,  it's yours forever.

....and it's extremely valuable!

If you're asking, "how do I monetize all that knowledge?", I have the answer and solution!  You teach.  You share.  You explain and demonstrate and mostly, you have fun while engaging all sorts of people in your passion for homesteading.

My Homestead Profit-Ability Plan includes:

 Homestead Topic Lesson Plans:  each topic will include a lesson plan, class agenda, power point, and reproducable handouts

 On-line courses: 

"Simplify Your Homestead Plan" - preparing your homestead for guests

"Teach What You Know: building a successful classroom business"

"Teaching the Teacher: fine tuning your teaching skills"

Private FB group for accountability and questions