Doing It Scared....Again


The other day I was listening to a motivational speaker talk about goals and dreams for 2022.  I was half listening while I was doing some other desk work.  And then I heard it… “do your goals and dreams scare you?”

I’ve heard this before.  Are you dreaming big enough?  Are you stepping out of your comfort zone?  Are you striving to reach your full potential?

Because any time you are striving to achieve those “way out there” dreams and goals, it’s uncomfortable and even scary.

I’ve been there. 

2017, my phrase for the year was “doing it scared.”  That was the year I began planning my first Farm to Table event at the Lazy B Farm.  That was also the year I began transforming empty bedrooms into guestrooms for the Lazy B Airbnb. 

Scary on both accounts,

1. Because I had never done any event that big


2. Would anyone even come to the event or stay at my homestead? 

In 2018, thankfully, both were extremely successful, beyond what I could have imagined!

When I heard Dean Graziosi ask if our dreams and goals were scary, my first thought was, “nope.”  My goals for 2022 are doable, familiar and quite frankly, comfortable.  It seemed a good choice after the life-changing events of the last 3 years.



“Do you remember what I’ve been putting on your heart day after day?”

“Oh yeah….that’s really scary, Lord.”


Ugh.  I’ve pondered what it would be like to write my story, someday, to encourage other women.  Look into their eyes and let them know,  there is a rising sun on the horizon. 

I even have the title -   From Scared to Sacred…

I’ve been fighting it, avoiding it, analyzing it, and ignoring it.  But I couldn’t anymore after hearing this question again - Do your goals and dreams scare you?

I have learned over the last three years especially, “scary” keeps me dependent on the Lord, allowing Him to have the control and not me.  He is far more capable of leading and guiding than I am. What He asks me to do, as crazy as it sounds, is best.  I love the creativity of God, I mean seriously.  Just look at all creation!  But when His creativity intertwines with MY life, well, it can be a little unnerving.

So here I am again.  He is asking me to do something that scares me. After these last 36 months, I’ve learned to say yes ...eventually. No more Jonah syndrome, just do it!

And what is this scary “thing” He has asked?  To start sharing my story from the last three years now…not someday.  The journey, the lessons, and ALL the God-moments that literally saved me from my own destruction.

Why?  Because nothing is wasted in God’s economy.  He uses all of what’s happened for His glory when I’m willing to do the “scary”, hard and uncomfortable.  My prayer has been, after the darkness started to subside in 2021, to help and encourage other women who may find themselves in similar situations or circumstances.

I know my story isn’t unusual.  Many others have lost everything and had to start over again. I’ve talked with other women who have shared their stories with me and in some cases, theirs IS worse.

But I can’t ignore my heart.

If my story helps just one woman on a really bad day, I want to be there for her.

I want her to hear me saying, “You are beautiful and you are worthy, and you are not alone.”

Yes, there is a hope... Yes, there is victory... Yes,  there is a healing! 

Yes, there are still dreams to be realized and achieved.

You are seen.  You are loved.  You are accepted exactly as you are and where you are.  

I get to write the rest of my story!  And so do you…here, give me your hand and we’ll walk together.

So, with the completion of this first blog, I have taken my first scary step towards making my "someday" dream a reality in 2022.

Here we go!